Insurance vs. Alliance Dental Care

Alliance Dental Care is changing the dental landscape by bringing affordable and quality dental care options to seniors, families, individuals, and businesses. Our goal is to fill a market need by providing a better and more affordable option for dental care that is an alternative to the insurance model.

Common Dental Insurance Complaints



Dental insurance is expensive and has limitations. Patients often find that after exams, x-rays and cleanings, their max payout for the year has been reached. Patients often don’t know the costs of procedures, including what is and isn’t covered, and are left with large unexpected bills after treatment. Deductibles and maximum allowables also incite confusion and increase costs.


Dental insurance dictates when and what the insured can be seen for. The patient is burdened with waiting periods and denials when treatment needs to take place. Then the battle occurs between the office, patient, and the insurance company to get needed services covered or partially covered. The dental bill begins to trickle in and the patient wonders whether to pay, or whether they will be covered/reimbursed. They know that they may need to battle the insurance company, hoping that the insurer approves the claim before they are sent to collections.


Patients often find themselves denied after treatments have already taken place or coverage is less than expected on claims. Patients find themselves responsible for large dental bills that they have not planned for or expected. The lack of transparent dental treatment pricing is problematic because patients are unaware of what they may expect on their final bill.

One-size-fits all

Insurance is a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to dental care until age is factored in. And then the model dictates that the older a patient is, the more they should pay for dental care.

What if the patient needs to have more cleanings to prevent decay and cavities outside of the allotted cleanings and exams? What if the patient needs more sealants because they are highly prone to cavities or have weak enamel? Insurance fails to encourage the dentist and patient to work together to ensure that the patient gets what they truly need. We can fix that!

Alliance Dental Care is Different

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