Alliance Dental Care Pricing


Alliance Dental Care pricing is completely transparent and is less expensive than traditional dental insurance plans. Premiums do not increase with age.

Preventative Procedures

Cleanings (2X/yr) Included
X-rays Included
Exams Included
Sealant $10
Additional Cleanings $50
Child 12 and under $35

Restorative Procedures

Crown $500
Veneer (for esthetics) $500
1 Surface Filling $100
Multi Surface Filling $150
Build-Up $150
Post & Core $150

Endodontic Procedures

Root Canal – Single Root $325
Root Canal – Multiple Roots $475

Periodontal Procedures

Scaling/Root Planing per/quad $99
Periodontal Maintenance $50

Implant Procedures

Implant $900
Implant Crown $500
Implant Abutment $400

Removable Procedures

Denture/Partial Denture $900
Hard Reline $250

Extraction Procedures

Simple Extraction $100
Surgical Extraction $150

Other Procedures

Bone Graft $350
Bleach Trays $150
Opalecence Bleach $75
Occlusal Night Guard $200
Recement Crown $50

Membership Plan

$25 per Month

Children included in price

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Affordable – Less Expensive Than Dental Insurance

Individuals pay $25 vs. $60 per month. Exams and x-rays are included. This means the majority of coverage is not eaten up by the maximum annual reimbursement. Prices are completely transparent and posted. Deep discount provided, typically 50% - 65% less.

No Surprises, Unlike Dental Insurance

You and your dentist develop your frequency of care together and what services you need. You know what services and procedures you are getting. You know the prices of the services and procedures before they occur. You don’t have to worry about deductibles, what is and is not covered, being denied, maximum allowable, delayed reimbursements, or unexpected charges and bills.

Convenient and Transparent

- No waiting periods
- No denials
- No deductibles
- No maximum allowables
- No downgrades
- No aging requirements
- No billing surprises
- Transparent pricing

FREE Services with Membership

The consult, exams, and x-rays are always free. Two yearly cleanings are included as well!

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